Good Word Society

Our vision
About conscious and educated civil movement is aware of their needs can be achieved in a building on the foundations of justice, equality and community.
Our Mission
We are a civil Society, it is committed to the Islamic curriculum derived from the Quran and Sunnah, based on inclusiveness and moderation. We seek to go with the community, individuals and institutions and systems, towards the development and growth, and we cooperate with all public and private bodies on the development of the country and prosperity and promote national unity. And our way into it, advocacy and public awareness, and building institutional models distinct, effective investment community relations, in the context of integration and participation. We affirm that what qualifies us to achieve this is our internal construction, breeding associate comprehensive education and good employment of their energies to carry our message ably.

مشاريع الجمعية

تقدم جمعية الكلمة الطيبة مجموعة من المشاريع على مستوى مملكة البحرين والدول العربية

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