· Our vision:

We are a civil and educated movement, aware of their needs and are able to achieve in a building on the foundations of justice, equality and community.

· Our Mission:

We are a civil society that seeks to go with the community individuals and institutions and a system, towards development and growth, and we cooperate with all public and private bodies on the development and prosperity of the nation and promote national unity.
Our way and the dissemination of culture and awareness and building institutional models distinctive and effective investment community relations in the framework of solidarity and participation.
We affirm that what qualifies us to achieve this is to build our internal energies and employ affiliates to carry our message ably.
· The Most Prominent Achievements:

§ Arab Federation for volunteer membership.

§ Membership of the Coordinating Committee for International Volunteer Organization (UNESCO).

Obtain a certificate of internal democratic governance of the Ministry of Social Development, 2008.

§ An award-winning pilot projects in the field of social work at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2011.

‘’ Our goal is always the lead in social and volunteer work and community service ’’

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