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Vision and mission of the award


Disseminate and promote a culture of volunteering and stimulate creative initiatives and experiments distinctive volunteer in the Arab world.

the letter:

Shedding light on the supervisory models of leaders of volunteer work in the Arab world and the success stories inspiring for the younger generation.


- Honoring the pioneers of volunteer work in the Arab world and to develop their expertise and their projects in the spotlight among the volunteers from all Arab countries.

- Spread the culture of volunteerism and highlight its role in the overall development of the communities of the Gulf and Arab, to contribute to the development of volunteer work in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

- Support the development goals and programs of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the reform project and Bahrain's Vision 2030 framework.

- Strengthening the principle of effective partnership with organizations, bodies, institutions and voluntary associations and support the efforts of the social responsibility of the private sector.

- Contribute to Energies Arab youth to serve their communities, and the development of capabilities and talents and creations of volunteers.

- Bequeath love volunteer work by deepening communication between employers and voluntary fingerprinting between different generations.

- The transfer of the different volunteer experiences to the target groups, leading to the development of volunteer work in due to their orientation and their specialties and aged with make way for the benefit of their views on this expertise and experience.

- Promote the spirit of fair competition between associations and volunteer centers in the Arab public.

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